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November 26, 2020

A Heartwarming eBook Just In Time For Thanksgiving From Gabriella Balcom

Apple Valley, CA, November 26, 2020 – After great anticipation, Dark Myth Publications (a division of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Compan, LLC.) is very proud to announce the public release of their newest release by award-winning author, Gabriella Balcom, titled Worth Waiting For.

Ms. Balcom cashed in her open eBook Contract after winning second place in the 2020 Open Contract Challenge.

Accustomed to his own Company, Wilfred has always been a bit of a loner, though, less of one with his late wife. His dear Beth has been gone for more than thirty years now, but he still missed her. Cancer took her while he was serving in the Army overseas, devastating him and their five young kids. He left the military to care for them, never regretting his decision.

Days stretched into weeks, months, and years. His children went to college eventually, finished, and moved out, and his routines were set in stone by then–work, hobbies, work... Coworkers had questioned the lack of a woman in his life, trying, again and again, to set him up on dates, but he resisted every time.

Starting a new relationship hadn't appealed to him, and the very thought of sleeping with someone else had turned his stomach. It would've been a betrayal of Beth, and he'd been fine with leaving things as they were. He stayed busy, found life rewarding, and retirement hadn't changed anything.

Being alone was his norm. Being alone was comfortable.

Eventually, Wilfred moved to a new place, and while he unpacked Sadie stepped onto his porch. A sweet lady who liked to help others. She'd noticed the moving truck in his driveway and had come to welcome him to the neighborhood and bring him a meal.
Wilfred had no idea his life was about to change, and he never dreamed he was lonely–not until Sadie came to his door.

"I legitimately love this story from beginning to end," said David K. Montoya, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Publisher of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company. "I sincerely believe that this story encompasses the embodiment of the spirit of Thanksgiving. Readers who enjoy good storytelling combined with traditional values will absolutely agree with me in my feeling about this book.

Worth Waiting For. 32 pages. $2.99 is available online at

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