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May 5, 2023

Audio Advertisement Returning to the JayZoModcast Network This Month

Apple Valley, CA, May 5, 2023 – As announced late last month, the second phase of Co-CEO David K. Montoya's plans to improve the overall fiscal health of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC by selling audio airtime before each podcast host on the JayZoModcast Podcast Network will begin as early as this week.

The JayZoModcast Podcast Network (a division of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC.) is home to five podcasts that releases new episodes weekly, creating audio content five days a week. Introducing advertisements at the beginning of each new episode allows consumers to hear a vendor's ad daily for one month.

The Beginner Package is currently offered at $32 for one hundred plays that month. After the one hundred plays, the vendor can either stop the play of their audio ad or for $0.10 per play after that.

Also, an annual Package is offered at $384 for unlimited plays for the vendor's advertisement for the entire year.

Co-CEO David K. Montoya was the first to put his collective money where his mouth is and has paid for an entire month's ad space for his up-and-coming novel, to be released next week on the eighth.

"I wanted to show everyone that it is an awesome new opportunity to create sells for their wares," co-CEO David K. Montoya explained, "and for the company to understand the functions and dynamics of how I have laid this out. I put my money where my mouth is, and it's everyone else turn."

The entire year has been filled, and we will begin selling airtime for 2024 beginning September 1, 2023. For more information on this, contact David K. Montoya directly at:

About JayZoModcast Podcast Network
JayZoModcast Podcast Network is an online podcast network. The network was started in November 2012 to host the podcast The World of Myth Bits alongside the popular My Public Life as an American Nerd and Lupa's Bits the Podcast.

The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC.
The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC., is an independent global media and entertainment company that creates and distributes the world's most diverse content and brands across literature, online, and streaming podcasts. The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC is available in most countries and territories, with a straightforward goal to entertain audiences worldwide through its unique brands and products, including Dark Myth Publications, Dark Myth Comics, JayZoModcast, and others. For more information, please visit
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