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Dark Myth Comics Begins Its Search For Comic Book Shops

CW Winter

Jul 31, 2023

The final stage to bring American Smash to the public has started.

Apple Valley, CA, July 31, 2023 – Announced today that the next phase in delivering American Smash to the public has happened. This morning fifty packs of a copy of the comic and a letter outlining a plan of action were shipped out to a comic book store owner in each State in the United States and one Province in Canada.

In July of 2021, David K. Montoya decided to move forward with his best friend, Alan Russo, creating American Smash Forward. But when he took it to the Board of Directors, most did not see the vision and were afraid to commit to that large project. It was then that Montoya said he would cover the expenses personally and hired penciler Idris Yusuf to begin drawing the comic.

Over two years and almost $15,000 later, American Smash is ready to come to the public with twelve issues completed in advance, and a new creative team has started on the next round of stories. The plan for this comic book is to arrange for comic book stores to order copies of American Smash beginning in September and have them arrive in time for their January 9, 2024, release date.

"First, American Smash became a labor of love for these characters and storylines. Russo and I created the first story and the one shot in 2000. It has been over two decades, and it is time for the people to get to know Hero and Sidekick," Chief Executive Officer and Co-Publisher, David K. Montoya said. "Second, we have worked over two years to allow us the time to create and have each issue ready a year in advance. I believe that this is also something great that we can bring to the table in the way of guaranteeing that for one year, every issue will be on time."

Check with your favorite comic book shop and ask if Dark Myth Comics has contacted them; if not, go to

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