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September 7, 2021

Walter G. Esselman Returns With Second Book This Year!

Apple Valley, CA, September 7, 2021 – After great anticipation, Dark Myth Publications is pleased to announce the public release of their newest and Walter G. Esseman's second book, Liberty's Run, this year!

As if zombies crowding the streets wasn't weird enough, librarian-turned-sniper, Liberty Schonhauer, finds that some darn aliens created the virus that decimated Earth. And now, those very same aliens are about to abduct a boy, Colin, who may hold the key to a vaccine. Not that Liberty would've let them have any child under any circumstances.
Spiriting the boy away, Liberty is quickly joined by the badass Uncle Danny [no relation to them]. The two get the boy to a Fleet of ships, off the coast of Southern California.

Liberty and Uncle Danny, swiftly becoming best friends, start to work for the Rear-Admiral of the Fleet.

First to resupply the Fleet with prescription drugs, and then to rescue other survivors. But the aliens have let loose a new complication: predatory alien birds that are almost as tall as a person, and hunt anything that moves fast.

However, the creatures may not be just vicious fowl.

These new aliens may have an intelligence that rivals our own. Thinking on their feet, the two focus on getting home to Colin; around whom a new family is quietly forming.

Despite all the zombies and aliens, Liberty's Run strives to take a realistic approach to dealing with an environment like this.

"If I had a book character crush, Liberty would be it. I fell in love with her quiet strength and her no-nonsense attitude. The fact that she turns into a kick-butt sniper is just icing on an already amazing cake. The action is almost nonstop, and the story carries you along so well that you can easily immerse yourself in their world. Walter has done such an excellent job on his world creation that you can picture it clearly in your mind." said Stephanie J. Bardy, Editor in Chief of Dark Myth Publications.

Liberty's Run. 336 pages. ISBN: 978-1-7372-9474-0 $14.95 plus shipping and handling and is available online at,,, and wherever books are sold.

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